Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Back in Metro Manila and Essensa

Getting back to Metro Manila was easier than I have thought. It only took one cancelled flight and a few years later to become a reality. Easy right? LOL 

I have booked flights via Cebu Pac's promo sale last August 2015. I planned on travelling with my sister Liza from Iloilo International Airport to Manila. And from there, I would be staying with my brother in Ortigas. 

Then unfortunately, I got fever and flu. I got so lethargic I was not able to push through with my travel plans. Kind of like this blog. It passes my mind to have another article but time and unseen occurences occur. Bam! Almost a year passes me by before my next post. ;)

I was pushing to get regularized in my job that I prioritized staying in San Jose, Antique rather than going to Manila. Perfect little minion. More concerned with having a perfect attendance and getting a positive productivity than prioritizing one's self. 

Now, the deal changer. I resigned recently and accepted a more challenging job offer with my brother. Now, my boss. Its kind of I'm speechless now what do I do moment. Hahaha But after getting a surgery in October and now getting more better each day, it woke me up and made me prioritize an even more important goal. Having a balanced view on career, family, physical and spiritual health.

Now, I am going to be a dealer for Essensa. The flagship product being the Buah Merah Mix. A mixture of six powerful fruit and vegetables that can boost your immune system. Buah Merah (the giant carrot), Moringa (Malunggay), Babana, Barley, Wheat Grass and Mangoosteen. Boosted my energy and helped me get rid of my migraine!

Just started for a week now and I am looking forward for more better health. What a week that was! 

I am super amped getting Buah Merah to other people. Helping them get better is a sure way to be satisfied with your own purpose in life and makes you complete. And along the way if this can be my source of income, is just a cherry over my cake!

Speaking of cakes, the Cold Stone Creamy sure was a treat. Their ice cream cake was divine! 

Enjoyed my few days back in the city but as our local language says that I would be back home: "Mauli gid ako sa Antique!"