Saturday, November 05, 2016

Muses. What keeps you inspired?

Writing for fun is no fun when you lose all your words and you're left looking at blank space.

But to keep your inspiration and write for days on end... was nothing but a distant past. But fortunately I can still remember it.

Memories of those days that you can fill three pages or more of poems were so far yet so overwhelmingly familiar that this memory suddenly inspires me to write again.

Looking at my pattern you can say this can happen about once a year when suddenly I get that urge to write again.

Unbelievable. It is so funny it borders on crazy. Yes. I have my moments. But since these are my musings a.k.a thinking and writing at the same time, forgive me for wasting your precious time. Please move on and leave...

I have given enough warning. All right!

Let the creative juices flowing. Let us start this right, my own right. Reality vs fantasy. Crap and not so crap rolled into one writing ingenue.

My Story 2016 (Before this year ends)

All I want is to keep you in my memory for keeps by writing this blog. And it's all about you and me.

We started off at a wrong start. You were serious. I was not. You left. I stayed. Yet after all those time of ignoring each other finally we get a chance to learn about each other. It was brief but very sweet. Thoughtful.

Finally, I can call you my friend. We connected.

But you changed. Evolved even. In the end, you were all wrong for me. Not the right fit. Uh oh. Not at all. But we have our moments. I enjoyed the highs and the lows. Again. I have moved on. You lost all the chance that would have been yours to have. I quit. You were just a phase.

The end.


Dogs are definitely hard to keep and care for but it tugs all my heartstrings that it can squeeze all my emotions. Don't get me wrong, this blog is all about my dog. I can be a tease. I know.


Kidding aside, my 2014 to 2016 years are so full of wonderful memories. Even with the bad and the good, overall I still believe I had the best of times.

These are the years where I did most of those memories that you can share my story for a long, long time.

What really happened? I resigned from my long time job at a bank, had my right ovary removed, worked at a BPO company, resigned again and finally put up a business with a financial backer.

I finally decided to do the best thing: spend the rest of my life and precious time in the full time ministry.

And this carreer is the best yet.

Now, the best life ever unfolds.