Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sunflowers in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

 Blooming. When we hear that word, our mind immediately wanders and associate it with flowers. It shows that when flowers bloom it touches our hearts and make it glad. Making that natural pink to our cheeks show and makes us attractive.

Maybe that is why the business of flowers will never go out. There will always be a market for it. I'm almost sure that flowershops will always be there for us.

For all seasons, we need a bouquet or two for our love ones and for other purposes. Celebrating anniversaries and other important events in our life are made extra special when we receive flowers.

Our lady governor of #Antique is nice enough to decorate the plaza of Sunflowers. It is very attractive to the eyes and gives visitors a sense of happiness seeing their beauty.

But everything is not as perfect as it seems. I see someflowers grow, bloom once and immediately pulled out. The sunflowerseeds was not given a chance to grow and be another sunflower.

And as the bible says, expectation postponed makes the heart sick. So is expecting an array of sunflowers in the provincial park... and finding them gone.

Antique Provincial Capitol, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique 5700 Philippines

I hope we appreciate our world and take good care of it. For Jehovah God, the Creator of all things will appreciate all our efforts.

As strange as it may seem, my memories will always include you and sunflowers.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Muses. What keeps you inspired?

Writing for fun is no fun when you lose all your words and you're left looking at blank space.

But to keep your inspiration and write for days on end... was nothing but a distant past. But fortunately I can still remember it.

Memories of those days that you can fill three pages or more of poems were so far yet so overwhelmingly familiar that this memory suddenly inspires me to write again.

Looking at my pattern you can say this can happen about once a year when suddenly I get that urge to write again.

Unbelievable. It is so funny it borders on crazy. Yes. I have my moments. But since these are my musings a.k.a thinking and writing at the same time, forgive me for wasting your precious time. Please move on and leave...

I have given enough warning. All right!

Let the creative juices flowing. Let us start this right, my own right. Reality vs fantasy. Crap and not so crap rolled into one writing ingenue.

My Story 2016 (Before this year ends)

All I want is to keep you in my memory for keeps by writing this blog. And it's all about you and me.

We started off at a wrong start. You were serious. I was not. You left. I stayed. Yet after all those time of ignoring each other finally we get a chance to learn about each other. It was brief but very sweet. Thoughtful.

Finally, I can call you my friend. We connected.

But you changed. Evolved even. In the end, you were all wrong for me. Not the right fit. Uh oh. Not at all. But we have our moments. I enjoyed the highs and the lows. Again. I have moved on. You lost all the chance that would have been yours to have. I quit. You were just a phase.

The end.


Dogs are definitely hard to keep and care for but it tugs all my heartstrings that it can squeeze all my emotions. Don't get me wrong, this blog is all about my dog. I can be a tease. I know.


Kidding aside, my 2014 to 2016 years are so full of wonderful memories. Even with the bad and the good, overall I still believe I had the best of times.

These are the years where I did most of those memories that you can share my story for a long, long time.

What really happened? I resigned from my long time job at a bank, had my right ovary removed, worked at a BPO company, resigned again and finally put up a business with a financial backer.

I finally decided to do the best thing: spend the rest of my life and precious time in the full time ministry.

And this carreer is the best yet.

Now, the best life ever unfolds.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Back in Metro Manila and Essensa

Getting back to Metro Manila was easier than I have thought. It only took one cancelled flight and a few years later to become a reality. Easy right? LOL 

I have booked flights via Cebu Pac's promo sale last August 2015. I planned on travelling with my sister Liza from Iloilo International Airport to Manila. And from there, I would be staying with my brother in Ortigas. 

Then unfortunately, I got fever and flu. I got so lethargic I was not able to push through with my travel plans. Kind of like this blog. It passes my mind to have another article but time and unseen occurences occur. Bam! Almost a year passes me by before my next post. ;)

I was pushing to get regularized in my job that I prioritized staying in San Jose, Antique rather than going to Manila. Perfect little minion. More concerned with having a perfect attendance and getting a positive productivity than prioritizing one's self. 

Now, the deal changer. I resigned recently and accepted a more challenging job offer with my brother. Now, my boss. Its kind of I'm speechless now what do I do moment. Hahaha But after getting a surgery in October and now getting more better each day, it woke me up and made me prioritize an even more important goal. Having a balanced view on career, family, physical and spiritual health.

Now, I am going to be a dealer for Essensa. The flagship product being the Buah Merah Mix. A mixture of six powerful fruit and vegetables that can boost your immune system. Buah Merah (the giant carrot), Moringa (Malunggay), Babana, Barley, Wheat Grass and Mangoosteen. Boosted my energy and helped me get rid of my migraine!

Just started for a week now and I am looking forward for more better health. What a week that was! 

I am super amped getting Buah Merah to other people. Helping them get better is a sure way to be satisfied with your own purpose in life and makes you complete. And along the way if this can be my source of income, is just a cherry over my cake!

Speaking of cakes, the Cold Stone Creamy sure was a treat. Their ice cream cake was divine! 

Enjoyed my few days back in the city but as our local language says that I would be back home: "Mauli gid ako sa Antique!"

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Singapore Travel Experience

For two days, I got to travel to Singapore. Coming in this charming country was like a dream come true.

It all started travelling from Iloilo International Airport on a Friday night. The late night flight from Iloilo, Philippines to Singapore (SG) was a challenge. First, because its my first time going to Singapore and I am all alone travelling. And I got to clear immigration counter without a letter of invitation or a hotel booking because I forgot! What I have was a round trip ticket and a bucket of confidence to get me through.

When the mood strikes me, I can easily open a conversation with a complete stranger and get all sorts of helpful travel tips along the way. This time, I met a newly wed lady who is a few months pregnant with her first baby. She is accompanying her Singaporean husband at the airport but she is not going back to SG with him. She works in a bank there and they just recently got married and immediately conceived a baby. She plans on having a longer vacation at her home in Iloilo Province with her Mom that is why her husband will go back home alone. She is worried he does not know how to check in properly so she accompanies him inside the airport.

Yes, you read it right, because they have airport connections, even without a ticket, they were allowed inside the check in area. Ah well, this just made me laugh and wonder, I think if I was in her shoes, I would have done the same. Just using the airport connections. LOL Anyways, moving on, the Singaporean guy and I were not plane seatmates, and the plane was not full, so, I easily drifted off to sleep because I did not have anyone to talk to. No free food and no free drinks, and so it goes...

I woke up and I'm in Singapore airspace already, looking at dark skies since its still very early in the morning. Now, I am trying to control my grin and checked out the plane, going around the airport and clicking my phone camera, and then clearing immigration counter with flying colors. The usual questions by an Indian immigration officer greeted me. How long will I stay in SG? Is it my first visit or short visit here? His accent was strange to hear indeed and I missed out on what he is asking me I let him repeat the questions. I think, the Philippine immigration was even harder on me in comparison. And yes, in retrospect, they did let me board my plane. I guess, I am pretty convincing.

A friendly face greeted me by the clear glass wall of the arrival area of SG Airport. She was a new friend who I feel I have known for quite sometime. She was awesome, a very hospitable host and very generous! She kept me company the whole time and and gave me free accommodation. Did I say thank you enough? xoxoxo

We took a taxi to her place and after breakfast, the two of us went around SG. What a lovely place indeed! With a lot of choices to go, I decided on choosing the park, the malls, and the merlion facing the bay to go to first. It was enchanting! When you are enjoying your day, you will lose your sense of time and with a spirit of adventure, we discovered new sights, new tastes and new experiences. And this happened to me in SG. It was just perfect.

To cap it all, we had the most welcoming and relaxing dinner at The Lantern of The Fullerton Bay Hotel. To quote them: " Take a step back and enjoy the view over lunch at our rooftop oasis. Sip on a drink, read a book, enjoy the breeze and catch the sunset..."

Singapore is definitely a place you can go back to all over again...

Monday, July 09, 2012


Boracay by Day

After featuring Ariara on my blog, I came across an article featuring Boracay that it won the Asia- Travellers' Choice for 2012 and this was posted in Trip Advisor.

Boracay at Sunset

Memories of Boracay reminds me of non stop laughter and fun. After a day of swimming and more swimming, you get to don your casual clothes, eat out and party all night with different bands.
Boracay at Night

Travel light :)

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012


One island in the Philippines caught the eye of the world. It was featured in LIFE, HARPERS BAZAAR, World's Best Hotels, and other popular magazines. Go to Ariara Island's website and you'll find paradise. I was led to discover this breathtaking island by a Yahoo article.

You can find this jewel in the South East Asia in Palawan Philippines. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Qoutable Quotes

Get a grip on reality but keep on dreaming for life would be so much sweeter if we keep on trying.