Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Singapore Travel Experience

For two days, I got to travel to Singapore. Coming in this charming country was like a dream come true.

It all started travelling from Iloilo International Airport on a Friday night. The late night flight from Iloilo, Philippines to Singapore (SG) was a challenge. First, because its my first time going to Singapore and I am all alone travelling. And I got to clear immigration counter without a letter of invitation or a hotel booking because I forgot! What I have was a round trip ticket and a bucket of confidence to get me through.

When the mood strikes me, I can easily open a conversation with a complete stranger and get all sorts of helpful travel tips along the way. This time, I met a newly wed lady who is a few months pregnant with her first baby. She is accompanying her Singaporean husband at the airport but she is not going back to SG with him. She works in a bank there and they just recently got married and immediately conceived a baby. She plans on having a longer vacation at her home in Iloilo Province with her Mom that is why her husband will go back home alone. She is worried he does not know how to check in properly so she accompanies him inside the airport.

Yes, you read it right, because they have airport connections, even without a ticket, they were allowed inside the check in area. Ah well, this just made me laugh and wonder, I think if I was in her shoes, I would have done the same. Just using the airport connections. LOL Anyways, moving on, the Singaporean guy and I were not plane seatmates, and the plane was not full, so, I easily drifted off to sleep because I did not have anyone to talk to. No free food and no free drinks, and so it goes...

I woke up and I'm in Singapore airspace already, looking at dark skies since its still very early in the morning. Now, I am trying to control my grin and checked out the plane, going around the airport and clicking my phone camera, and then clearing immigration counter with flying colors. The usual questions by an Indian immigration officer greeted me. How long will I stay in SG? Is it my first visit or short visit here? His accent was strange to hear indeed and I missed out on what he is asking me I let him repeat the questions. I think, the Philippine immigration was even harder on me in comparison. And yes, in retrospect, they did let me board my plane. I guess, I am pretty convincing.

A friendly face greeted me by the clear glass wall of the arrival area of SG Airport. She was a new friend who I feel I have known for quite sometime. She was awesome, a very hospitable host and very generous! She kept me company the whole time and and gave me free accommodation. Did I say thank you enough? xoxoxo

We took a taxi to her place and after breakfast, the two of us went around SG. What a lovely place indeed! With a lot of choices to go, I decided on choosing the park, the malls, and the merlion facing the bay to go to first. It was enchanting! When you are enjoying your day, you will lose your sense of time and with a spirit of adventure, we discovered new sights, new tastes and new experiences. And this happened to me in SG. It was just perfect.

To cap it all, we had the most welcoming and relaxing dinner at The Lantern of The Fullerton Bay Hotel. To quote them: " Take a step back and enjoy the view over lunch at our rooftop oasis. Sip on a drink, read a book, enjoy the breeze and catch the sunset..."

Singapore is definitely a place you can go back to all over again...

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