Thursday, December 08, 2011


Every morning I had the luxury of waking up with breakfast ready on the table. A variety of eggs or vegetables with rice and coffee. My landlady is sweet and kind enough to offer me these things my mom usually do for me. Thank you. I have enjoyed my stay in Agusan del Sur, Philippines.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

the season

December might be considered as the holiday season but for me, i consider it as the rainy season. This is the time of the year that you would not expect to be raining so hard- but it just is. Getting maudlin is the norm when you are just too far away from home. I miss the year 2009 when the former Pres Macapagal-Arroyo proclaimed a whole week as her economic holiday. She might be tagged with unmentionable names but she will be forever be remembered as the president who moves holidays.. and will be missed by workers who just waits for the opportunity to grab any non working day for a well deserved rest. I have to get that ticket home

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Sometimes, during the day.. i get to stop and think of the things I did for the past months. More than a year has passed and I was given this opportunity to constantly move around and meet new people. In the process, I get to peek into their lives and touch hearts. I just hope that I would not be heartbroken in all these process that goes round and round.

I just wish i could get hugs from my nieces though.. they are and always will be my source of strength and inspiration. Hmmmm... One more wish is that they could travel with me. The smiles on their faces are priceless.

Getting Back

If a traveller is lost.. then he is not a 'real' traveller at all.. since every new place is an opportunity to see new sites and discover new places. Its been two months since my last blog.. and in that two months I've been assigned to two new places. Both places have their own quirks and charm that when I start to look back and remember the place... it just brings back good memories. Just like this one.... The Taoist Temple in Cebu City, Philippine.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iloilo City - Home away from Home

Blame my memory gap but the long ride that I made away from home that I remember is going to Iloilo City... I think we were going to have a district convention and I was so excited that for the first time I get to travel 97 kilometers away from home.

It would have come in handy if I had google maps then, just like this one:

Days before my first ever travel, the road beyond the bend was just a mystery... I dont know what it entails... visions of panoramic scale... grand vistas and princess-like hideaways keep me daydreaming. Standing on the bus, my mom was losing patience telling me to sit down. I was just in pre school that time but my mind is ready to make new maps... opening my eyes to all new things.

One thing surprised my mom in a good way- I don't puke my guts on travel. It might be because even before I knew that water and bread crackers is a good way to prevent sea sickness or bus "biyahilo", that's my snack that I brought from home. Way back then, the two hour travel that we enjoy right now in an L300 bus was an energy busting 3 to 4 hours bus ride. The main contributor to that long hour stretch is the 30 minutes stop over of the bus driver in his selected place of restaurant where he can get free food. :) And oh, let's not forget that stopover for buying that sweet peanut brittle too. A delicacy that we can buy from the mountain tops.

Now, the city is bustling with people and food. You can check out their website:

Must Love Travel

The very first memory of my travel was with my Dad, he would lift me up in his motorcycle... and we would drive around town buying fresh baked bread. I had looked forward every morning for our routine that I was always early waking up... just for him.

I never realized that training would come in handy when you are in constant travel. The early hours in the morning that started at 1AM travel to go to the airport so that you would not miss your plane and your flight became as natural to me as breathing. my airline of choice would be: &

If others are sweating it out and cursing their way into a line.. I would just wait patiently in my line with a smile. Most of the time! :)

There are two destinations  that I love going back and forth.. but I left my heart Boracay.